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RS232 and Visual Prolog.

Probably you are coming from the Visual Prolog site and know what you are looking for. Use the link to download the RS232-program.
The code has been compiled with the commercial edition of Visual Prolog 7.5. But you may also use the personal edition for compiling.
Included in the program is a help-file. If you want to read this help-file in advance, please use the link above.

If you are here by accident, and want to know what this is all about, then you should certainly read this help-file. The program is standalone and even if you are not a Visual Prolog programmer you can use it as it is.

After downloading you should unpack the zip-file. You find the executable and dll-files in one directory. There is no installation procedure. Keep the files together. Special rights are not needed.

If you want to download the programcode, have question or want to give a comment, please use the button for the discussionforum.